The 23rd ITA Awards - Celebrating 23 years of this INCREDIBLE JOURNEY...

Voting Terms and Rules & Regulations – The 23rd ITA Awards 2023

VOTING RULES AND REGULATIONS shall be binding on each individual, who participates in Voting Activity ("Voting Poll" / 'Activity') by casting his/her vote, using the Voting Mechanism, for the Nominees (as defined below) competing in the 'The 23rd ITA Awards 2023' program ("Program").


  • The Program is an award show where artists of various shows of various channels shall be nominated and felicitated for their talent / performance in aforesaid shows. There shall be 12 categories of nominations (‘Nomination Category’) and ITA reserves the right to modify the aforesaid number at its sole discretion. The voters will be asked to cast their vote for 1 of their favorite Popular Nominees in each of the Nomination Category whom the voters want to win and the evaluation and calculation of the votes shall be processed as per ITA's internal policies.
  • This Voting Poll shall commence from 20th June, 2023 at 6 p.m. (IST) onwards and shall end on 15th November, 2023 Midnight (IST) or such other period as updated herein.
  • The ITA at its sole discretion may change / extend the timings of the Voting Poll and the voters shall be required to check the Voting App and keep themselves updated with respect to the same.
  • The votes, for selecting the Popular Nominees should be sent only during the timelines, as stated herein and Votes sent after the timelines, shall not be considered and shall be deemed null and void. The individuals interested in participating in the Voting Poll can participate in the following manner:
    Mechanism: By signing in for Popular Voting Application as owned /operated / controlled by ITA on any compatible device and/or by visiting the ITA website: (parent: ('ITA website') and casting the vote as stated herein below The aforesaid mechanism/s shall each be referred to as the "Voting Mechanism".
    An individual interested to cast his/her vote, by using the Voting Mechanism, will be subject to the following:
    • Only individuals using valid phone number which are duly registered with the network operators can participate through the Voting Mechanism;
    • The voter is required to cast his/her vote using the ITA Website. The terms of use, privacy policy and any other terms / rules as applicable to the user of ITA Website shall be deemed to be applicable and binding on the voter.
    • After properly downloading the Application, the voter needs to login by using either his/her Facebook or Gmail login and/or as per the process mentioned therein. If a voter /user does not have an existing user ID and password, he/she can create a new valid email ID by entering the mandatory fields required.
    • Once the voter /user successfully logs into the respective domain page (i.e. Facebook, Gmail), he/she can cast his/her vote for the Nominee he/she desires as per the details mentioned / displayed on the ITA App and Rules and Regulations mentioned therein.
    • After casting the vote, as per the Rules and Regulations mentioned herein, the voter should log into the respective domain page (i.e. facebook, gmail) and sign out/log out without fail
    • The maximum number of votes that he/she can cast per session, for their favorite Nominee is limited to 1 vote per Nomination Category per user/voter and e-mail ID and any additional votes over and above as mentioned herein per user and email ID, shall not be counted and will be considered null and void.

Terms & Condition for Jury Nomination

  • Submission of the program on official Entry Form means that you have read and accepted the Terms & Condition.
  • Eligibility: Any program originally created for TV/Web and produced by a company in INDIA.
  • Telecast of the program: The original telecast of the program (on TELEVISION & the WEB) should have taken place in India between 01st October, 2022 to 31st August, 2023.
  • Award Categories: As per attached list - Jury Awards.
  • Number of entries: On each entry form, only 1 program can be entered in 1 category. However, a program can be entered in multiple categories. To do this, multiple entry forms can be made, but each entry form should be filled in original by the producers.
  • Length of entries: Any program entered in any Award category, must have a minimum format length of 10 minutes televised lot. For interstitial / Filler / Video Clips the maximum length must not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Co-production: The entrant assumes full responsibility for notifying the other Co-producers or partners of the Entry. While all partners mentioned in the entry form will be credited, only the entrant or his/her designated recipient may receive the award.
  • Deadline dates: The deadline for the receipt of entries along with the entry fees, entry form and programs is 01st October, 2023.
  • Program format: Each Entry must be submitted in mp4 format (single) or Online. (The entries should be submitted as they were initially telecast, without the content of the program being edited. Commercials, promos and breaks however should be removed to facilitate uninterrupted viewing by the Jury.)
  • Language: Hindi / English / Hinglish should be the languages of all the program entered.
  • Entry Fees & Payments terms: The entry fee for each program per category (i.e.) per form is Rs. 1200/-.
    • The fees can be paid online – the details of your payment (Name of Company & the serial names) must be sent to /
    • (Debit Card / Credit card, Net banking), cash / RTGS / cheque or by demand draft drawn on any Indian bank and made payable to GR8 Entertainment Ltd. and which is nonrefundable.
  • Shipping Information: Shipment cost must be prepaid by the entrant.
  • Final Decision: In the event of any dispute, the decision of The ITA Committee shall be final and binding on all concerned. All material accompanying the entries will not be returned. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the awards shall render the Entry ineligible.
  • Once the Top 5 Award Nominees of all the categories have been announced, we would require you to kindly send the submitted episodes on a Hard Disk for Telecast purposes.
  • Excerpts of a maximum of 5 minutes of duration, per nominated program may be used in any TV broadcast, Webcast and Video promotion produced for or by The Indian Television Academy.

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