The 23rd ITA Awards - Celebrating 23 years of this INCREDIBLE JOURNEY...

About Us – The 23rd ITA Awards

The Indian Television Academy has been the only body of Television in the country, providing the first-ever platform for entire TV-fraternity to come together as a whole. It has been a ‘Flag-bearer’ of the TV Medium being the greatest and biggest sphere of Indian Entertainment.
The Academy's crowning glory has been ‘The ITA Awards’ that have been instituted as the first ever endeavour to accord recognition to excellence on the canvas of Television.

Cherished memories over the years.
Now in the 23rd year of its highly celebrated existence, the ITAA, today, are the most coveted and contested stamp of merit in the Medium.
It has won unstinted support & goodwill of the entire TV-community as is evident by the 1500 plus Entries year after year in the Contest by the entire spectrum of Production-houses and Channels. You name a Show and it is competing in the ITAA. For the last 3 years, the ITAA has also included Web Series in its orbit, eliciting a tremendous response from upwards of 15 Web Channels.

Not only the Industry, the ITAA has also enjoyed unqualified trust & goodwill of the vast multitude of the TV-watchers all across the country. In fact, there has been a torrential downpour of votes in the ‘Popular Poll’ and the number has reached a mind-boggling and historic 1 Crore plus.
The razzle-dazzle of the Awards-ceremony has become legendry and it is attended by the who’s who of TV as well as glitterati from Films, Corporate and other walks of life. That’s why it receives pride of place in the coverage by both Print & TV Media as well.

In sum, the Awards ceremony has become the biggest night of the Small Screen, in the country. Universally acknowledged as being, well and truly, the Jewel in the Crown of Television, it has created history by completing 21 years in a row of celebrating the glory of the Medium, annually. Decidedly, it has become the annual Festival of Joy for the entire TV-fraternity since the last two decades!

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